We are a massage hall Massage Kocbek in the strict center of Ljubljana, where you will be welcomed by a pleasant ambient and a quality therapeutic massage by Rok Kocbek masseur.


Pain in the joints, the cross, the muscles and the spine can be eliminated. Based on Thai, Chinese, Swedish, sports, therapeutic massage and spine manipulation, we have developed our unique massage that will help you eliminate your pain and make sure that your body is kept upright and healthy with simple exercises.



Most headaches cause tension in the muscles of the head, neck and shoulders. The tension in these muscles reduces the blood vessels that supply oxygen to the nerve cells in the brain. Headache is a warning signal for the body that the brain may not get enough oxygen. All too often, we decide to overhear these signals by taking Aspirin, instead of relieving the tension from the muscles that cause the headache.



Simply call 041 820 344.

Massage dates are on weekdays after 4pm.


Masažne storitve (massage services) Kocbek Rok s.p.

Therapeutic massage is available upon prior request.

Business unit:
Valvasorjeva ul. 10
1000 Ljubljana

Price list

Anti-pain (therapeutic) massages
Therapeutic half-hour massage 30 minutes 35 EUR
Therapeutic one-hour massage 60 minutes 55 EUR
Whole body therapeutic massage 90 minutes 70 EUR

Relaxing (antistress) massages
Whole body relaxing massage 60 minutes 50 EUR

Gua Sha (scraping) massage add-on 5 EUR
Vacuum massage with cups (cupping) add-on 10 EUR

Gift certificates

You can also give therapeutic massage as a gift. Personal gift vouchers for individual massages are available.
When you buy a package of more than 6 vouchers we offer you 15% discount.

Payments in cash.
Pricelist is valid from 1.1.2020


In order to keep your body even after massage without pain, we offer exercises that can serve you as part of a preventative program, or they can help to alleviate the already occurring problems with the spine. Practice yourself gradually, without stress, and especially regularly. Exercise all the exercises slowly, without quick and unpredictable movements. Test yourself, where your borders are and what exercises really make you progress.